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If your dog is a loved pet and part of your family, you’ll want to make sure they stay healthy and fit.


Call Laurie, CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer) to schedule your consultation.


 K-9 Fitness

Fido Fitness: 

Join us for 4 weeks of fun with introduction of our various fitness equipment.  You will learn how to properly introduce your dog to the equipment in a safe and fun manner.  Your dog will practice their already learned obedience skills while also building confidence and self-esteem, core strengthening and more.  Beginner obedience pre-requisite for this class.



Basic fitness fundamentals-learning safe and healthy activities while using our Fit Paws and other fitness equipment. 



Continuous strength and focus building with various equipment.  We will be creative in combining pieces of equipment etc.  We incorporate some advanced obedience floor exercises into this class


More endurance designed class for the dogs who have been working on the equipment on a regular basis.  We will be incorporating obstacle courses into this class.  This is a class to use your creativity and just have fun while exercise for your dog.  We incorporate some advanced obedience/rally floor exercises into this class


Individual Lessons also Available—Equipment for Sale

Ring Rental Available to work on your own with our equipment

Individual Fitness Assessments—

Meet with Laurie for an individual assessment for your dog.  She will devise a fitness program specifically designed for your dog which can be done at home or a combination of home and at our facility with our equipment.



Treadmill sessions are a great way to give your dog the much-needed exercise when the weather does not cooperate or for a variety of reasons that you may not be able to provide.  It will also provide mental stimulation for your dog, building up focus and attention skills as well. 

The treadmill is a great tool for rehab for many dog injuries and illness.  See Laurie for details.  We have individual sessions with or without a staff member.  Packages are available and times for using the treadmill are flexible.

If you are in a time crunch but want to get your dog some exercise—You can pop in-have your dog work on the treadmill for up to 30 minutes then back on your way home.  Only one trip needed unlike daycare with drop off and pick up!


Is your dog overweight, anxious, recovering from an injury, looking for a way to release excess energy or needing to improve overall conditioning?  The core is the POWERHOUSE of a dog's body. Helping your dog develop strong core muscles can help reduce and prevent injuries.  Help improve your dog’s overall health to live a longer happier life. 




If your dog is a loved pet and part of your family, you’ll want to make sure they stay healthy and fit.  This is a fun and simple way to exercise your pet indoors! Most dogs will tire in 5-10 minutes with 3-4 times a week exercise program.




“A tired puppy is a good puppy!” Destructive behaviors are often due to a puppy that has not had enough exercise. Expel puppies’ excess energy and give your puppy a beneficial physical and mental “job”.




Our senior dogs tend to lose muscle mass in their hind ends. Keep your senior dog in tip top shape by incorporating consistent workouts on the low-impact FITPAWS equipment.




Even if your dog doesn’t compete in sporting competitions, they will still benefit by having a strong core. Many active families take their dogs on long hikes, jogs, and swims or involve them in fun yet strenuous play activities like fetch or catch.

Is your dog a couch potato during the week and a weekend canine warrior? Couch potato dogs are often times over worked on the weekends and are more susceptible to injuries from having a weak core, being overweight and overworked. It is very important that these dogs have a conditioning program to prevent injuries. Just 5-10-minute sessions 3-4 times a week will help improve core strength and muscle tone for injury prevention and increased weekend performance.


On those days you don't have time to go for a walk or weather conditions keep you from walking or your dog getting some physical exercise---a 10-15-minute Core-Strength conditioning workout will tire your dog out or a doggie treadmill session can do the same.


***Ball and floor work***


We will be using FITPAWS® Canine Conditioning Equipment as well as other equipment and exercises to provide a fun and simple way to exercise your pet indoors! Most dogs will tire in 5-10 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Because we are supervising their exercise and helping to stabilize the equipment, you’ll spend some quality time with your pooch which you’ll both enjoy! It’s a great opportunity to train with positive reinforcement and strengthen the bond between human and animal companion while giving your dog a complete overall body workout. Your dog will love you for it.    

Adding this strengthening activity to your dog’s activities 3-4 times a week, has many benefits, including:                                                           

  1. Increased trunk and core strength
  2. Strengthening the bond with your dog through interactive positive training
  3. Stabilization of weak areas
  4. Improved balance and awareness of the body’s position in space
  5. Improved reaction and control
  6. Increased range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscles
  7. Live a longer healthier life. 
  8. Boost Confidence—Help your dog build self -esteem, focus and confidence
  9. Team Building—helps to develop a stronger bond and self- awareness for dogs of any age or breed.

***Doggie Treadmill ***


Dogs need exercise just like us. Doggie treadmill sessions can help keep your dog healthy

  1.  Prevent Obesity/ Weight management – Regular exercise and a proper diet can keep your furry friend healthy and happy
  2. Lower Vet Bills – Exercise improves your dog’s overall health which means fewer trips to your vet
  3. Reduces Allergies – If your dog (or you) suffers from allergies and can’t be outside for too long he can get his exercise on the treadmill   
  4.  Exercise Takes Time – You may not always have time to exercise your dog outside, but you can exercise your dog with a treadmill session.
  5. Sports conditioning
  6. Rehabilitation
  7. Behavior



Call Laurie, CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer) to schedule your consultation.


(Only $25 which will be waived if sign up for a session or class)


She will do a complete physical assessment of your dog then create a personalized exercise program for your dog.  Programs can include workouts at home, our facility or both.   We do have equipment for sale to be used in your home if interested.

Individual Home Fitness Plans created for you in your own home.

Individual Fitness Programs designed for your dog and you using our equipment with Laurie’s instruction and guidance

Individual Fitness Programs designed for your dog with Laurie.

Group Classes –Intro (Fun-D-Mental), Cardio, Balance

Fitness Course (Equipment Stations)




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