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Upcoming Training Classes


Puppy Camp is Back on Mondays!


   Drop your pup off with us for a fun-filled day camp where they learn Socialization skills,

basic manners, play skills and more.  Enjoy a day puppy free.  At home to get things done without

   a pup underfoot!


Fido Fitness

Join us for 4 Weeks of fun while training with our fitness equipment. We will work on confidence, self-esteem, core strengthening and more. Basic manners class required prior to this class. 


Beginner Obedience

           Designed for dogs 5-12 months of age.  We will help you with basic manners so your pup can

            be a pleasure to be out and about with you and a well behaved member of your family.


Advance Obedience/ Intro to Fitness & Rally

          Basic Obedience is a Pre requisite for this class which is designe to challenge each participant

           and their dog regardless of how many times you take this class.


         You and your dog will enhance on your already learned obedience skills and learn new ones too. 

         We will introduce some fitness and rally into this class as well. 




Private Individual Lessons

         Individual lessons tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs  whether for basic manners,

          behavior modification, preparing for  the competition ring or help with any other behavioral issues

          you may be experiencing.       


Obedience Training Classes

Puppy Pre-school

This 4 Week class is designed for puppies up to 4 months of age at start of class.  We will help you get your puppy off to a great start learning basic puppy manners and social skills to help your puppy become an enjoyable part of your family.  Your pup will learn through positive reinforcement with fun activities and games.  Everyone will have fun while learning many new skills and building the bond between you and your pup.

Puppy Kindergarten:  

This 4 Week class is designed for puppies 4+ months to 9 months at start of class.  We will work on any existing unwanted puppy behaviors and basic obedience skills-controlled walking on a leash, sit, down, recalls, leave-it and more.  There will be a short play time at the end of each training session.

Beginner Obedience:

This 4-week class is designed for the dog (age 9+ months) and owner to learn together many basic obedience skills and manners with team building exercises.   You will work on basic manners such as sit, down, stand, stay, recall, leave-it, touch, attention skills all with a positive teaching manner.  No reactive or aggressive dogs allowed in this class—individual lessons need for these dogs prior to classes.

Advanced Beginner Obedience:

This 4-week class will offer continuous obedience training for you and your canine partner, building from the foundation of skills acquired in the beginner obedience class with additional distractions, distance and time.  The class will challenge each participant for as many times as you enroll in the class as it is designed for handlers and their dogs to excel at their individual pace.  Rally will be introduced into this class as well as some fitness equipment.  Another fun way to practice and learn obedience skills.


Rally is a dog sport based on obedience.  It is a mixture of classical obedience and agility training.  When your dog practices rally obedience, they learn to how to obey commands (typical of obedience training) while having fun (typical of agility training).  Unlike agility, speed is not a focus.  A great way to have fun with your dog and other dog owners

Competition Obedience: 

Prepare for the competition ring at all levels—even if you don’t plan on competing-you can still have fun teaching your dog new skills—enhanced obedience and recall skills, dumbbells, dumbbell retrieval, scent articles and more.  Individual lessons also.  Some group exercises to start and finish class with individual exercises at appropriate levels throughout class.

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