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News Letter

Kids Kamp is Coming Back!

June 15th-17th, 2021

Get ready! Once the weather gets nice and sunny again, it will be time for our Kids Kamp. You can sign your child (Ages 6-12) up for three days of fun and learning, all while working beside Man’s Best Friend! You can bring your own dog (Once approved with Laurie) or we’ll make sure that they have a furry friend to work with while they’re here. Talk to Laurie, Kevin, Val, or Paige to sign your child up now!

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Below the front desk in our lobby, we have a table and tons of items around it that are all 50% off now! From cake mixes, to wind spinners, pools, to bags of food, we’ve got a great deal for you!




Winter Weather Fitness for Your Dog


We all know living here in Wisconsin can be a challenge with the weather, but it doesn’t have to be hard when it comes to your dog’s exercise! Of course you can always bring them to Daycare where they can run and play with all their friends, but if you were ever wondering about other options, we’ve got them!


Treadmill Sessions: Great indoor exercise for your dog!  We can adjust the speed and length of the session depending on what your dog will enjoy and can physically handle. You can either use the treadmill as an addition to their Daycare or you can make an appointment for a session and just pop in for it! We offer by the single session, or by the package. February special- $5 off individual sessions, $10 off packages


Fitness Sessions: Canine conditioning equipment is a fun and simple way to exercise your dog! Not only does it physically tire them out, but mentally, too, as they have to think and focus how to balance or work out how to use the different pieces of equipment. We have plenty of the tools for you to purchase, or you can schedule a session with Laurie as well! These are also done by a single session, a package of sessions, or a four week class. February special-$20 off session with trainer and $10 off session without trainer


Training Enhancement Sessions: Feel like there’s a command or skill that your dog could improve on? We’ve got you! These are an addition to your Daycare visit. After signing up, you can let us know at drop off what things you want to brush up on while your dog is here for the day and we’ll take it from there! At the end of the day we’ll give you a vocal report of how the day went, how your dog responded, and how we did it, so you can take that information home and work on it with you dog as well. This is paid for by the session.



Thank you to our Volunteers!


You may have noticed a couple of new faces around our facility over the last couple months. Here’s our shout out to them.

We have Deb, who’s been helping us out since early last year with our puppy campers and who’s been helping Laurie with her current Obedience Classes. Every Monday morning and Wednesday and Thursday night, she’s here with us to help make sure your puppy is learning everything they need to know!

Next, we have Sandy. She’s been here every Monday afternoon to help us with our puppy campers as well. She’s doing an amazing job at making sure the puppies can put their best paw forward!

Last but definitely not least, we have Val. She’s newer to us and has been learning the ropes of the front desk by helping us take phone calls and get all your reservations in to make sure that your dogs are scheduled for all their Daycare and Boarding needs.

Thanks to these ladies, we are able to make sure that all your dogs are having a super fun beginning to 2021!



New Calming Products!


Since people were home during the lockdown, a lot of our furry family members got used to us being around. Now that their humans are going back to work or school, you may notice some signs of anxiety. Drooling, whining or barking when you leave, and scratching at doors are signs that your dog may be uncomfortable.

It’s not just separation that can cause anxiety. Some dogs get nervous during thunderstorms or firework shows. Others get anxious around new people or in new situations.

We’ve got some new tools to help you out.

We’ve always sold our July 3rd by Herbsmith, an all-natural calming supplement to help your dog. Last year, we introduced Treatibles CBD treats and oils into our store.

Now, we have Super Snouts Chill Out! It comes in treat form in three different sizes. We also have new Chill Out Peanut Butter. Super Snouts uses CBD to help calm some of your dog’s anxiety and help them to live a more comfortable life without making them groggy.

Protect the Paws!                                                                                      Winter can be a ruff time on your dog’s feet. But with the proper precautions, we can make it more enjoyable. You can start using boots to keep paws safe from ice and rock salt. If this isn’t what your dog has in mind, be sure to always wipe down their feet after a walk. You can also purchase balms or protective wax to keep their feet from cracking or getting dried out. You can ask a staff member about the products we carry here!


This Month’s Shout out Goes to…

All of You!

This past year was a ruff one and we cannot thank all of you enough, not only our customers, but as our supporters, and for being part of our family at the Family Dog Center.

Thank you so much for continuing to bring your dogs and support our business.

Here’s to a much brighter 2021!






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