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Nutrition Center

 We have spent many many hours choosing the foods we carry! We always have been searching new products and formulas that may be of interest to our friends.

We need to give our dogs a balanced diet based on our world of food. Like us they need fiber, vitamins, and minerals to be healthy, so here is where we add the fruit and vegetables that is a basis for our foods today. If you don't have someone to discuss your dogs needs with, you need to leave here with something you can use to help buy your next bag of dog food.) Unless dogs have some imbalance or allergies, these foods should be fine for your dog. If you want to take that a step further, your dog will be healthier and have less health problems with premium food, thus saving you money on vet bills. In the long run premium food will cost you less overall to maintain a good life for your dog.

Now we get into the debate about whole meat, meat meal, and meat by-products WAR. States even get into this because they describe different meats as by products from muscle meat. Whole meat is best, then meat meal, and meat by products in general terms, but this can be different depending on your states labeling laws. I just stepped into the next debate in that some meat by-products are as good as whole meal, and I really believe this.

For example, I eat liver and I think it is good! All you liver and onions eaters know liver is good for you and so do the doctors. Liver, tongue and hearts are considered to be a meat by product. Some of you get sick just thinking about eating liver. If we can't agree if liver is good for us, then how can we agree about what is good in our dogs' diet.

Lets get back to facts. Protein is very important as it is needed for growth, and development of each dog, but is it digestible? Corn has a lot of protein but when I eat corn on the cob, I don't digest all of it either.

Summarization of the facts:
1. Dog are carnivorous!
2. The majority of your dogs diet should be from meat!
3. Dogs need a balanced diet, with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber to make the balance right. Omega 3 and Omega 6 should be in your dogs diet in a balanced ratio. As in our food, we need to watch calories per cup!
4. Be careful when you mix dog foods because each has it own formula for a balanced diet and you may not pick the most compatible foods to mix? It is easier if you are mixing dry and canned food.
5. Raw meat is great, but it does not fit into some of our worlds!
6. Allergies that dogs suffer from are wheat, corn and soy, and some times these symptoms come from what a dog is not getting instead what they are getting.
7. In many situations, the less expensive foods may cost you more in the long run with higher veterinarian bills.
8. When picking you next bag of food, look to see how many of the top four ingredients are meat? The first item listed is what has the largest quantity in that bag? Is it meat?

I hope you have learned something in the last couple of minutes and you won't rely on luck when buying your next bag of dog food!


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